FaB Hosting and Website Maintenance

For over two decades, Front&Back has provided fully-managed webhosting, taking pride in bringing out the best in your website.

FaB Hosting can greatly improve your website's customer engagement and Google Search PageRank

The Loading Docs website consistently scores near-perfect results on Google PageSpeed Insights.

FaB Hosting is a holistic approach to webhosting, bringing major performance gains and peace of mind.

We don't just host your website, we maintain and optimize every facet of the server and your site itself. We utilise Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to ensure your site and its assets are globally distributed, maintaining fast loading times regardless of where your visitors are located.

After all, a fast-loading website is key to online success. It's a key factor in enhancing user engagement, reducing bounce rates, and ultimately, boosting conversions. And, when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), website speed plays a massive role. Google's algorithms prioritise fast-loading websites, often rewarding them with higher PageRank positions.

Whether it's speeding up load times, optimising content delivery, or fine-tuning every element for maximum efficiency, Front&Back are here to make it happen.

To do what we do, to pore over every aspect and optimise your website to get the speed gains that we do, takes a special type of nerd. That's us.

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This stock photo may not be accurate - TBH we have no idea. FaB Hosting and Website Maintenance Plans to Boost Site Performance

Welcome to your website's sanctuary in sunny California, where it's given the full treatment, tuned to perfection, and humming with boundless opportunities.

Auckland Web Hosting Services

  • Wordpress and WooCommerce Hosting in New Zealand
  • Headless CMS Integration
  • PHP WebSite Optimisation
  • Static Site (SS/SSG) Hosting
  • MySQL and Supabase (Postgres) Database Hosting
  • SSL Certificate Installation and Management
  • CDN Setup and Optimisation
  • Bot and Hack Protection
  • Regular Security Updates
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • File and DB Backups: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Content Optimisation

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