A space for my side-projects and questionable ideas.

Photo of a Taiwanese music festival attendee crowd-surfing

Taiwan Underground Photo Archive

During my lengthy stay in Taiwan I went to an incredible number of concerts, from huge outdoor festivals to small dive bars, camera in hand, to document the live music scene.

Check out my Midjourney AI Artwork Series - WetMarket Fashion Photoshoot by Steve Leggat/Front&Back

WetMarket Fashion Photoshoot

A somewhat disturbing series of Midjourney AI generated artwork by Steve Leggat.

Gary Numan CAPTCHA by Steve Leggat

The Gary Numan CAPTCHA

Are Friends Electric? The Gary Numan CAPTCHA is the result of a particularly strange fever dream, and actualised as a fun coding challenge. Fully operational and just waiting on a Google buy-out, or for Gary to send around the heavies.

Screenshot of TallyHo timetacker in use

TallyHo timetracker

I gave up looking for the perfect timetracking app and made my own.