Email Marketing and Automation

Stylish email newsletters and campaigns that get clickthroughs.

Magrette email newsletter design showing excellent results

Magrette know the value of targeted emails. Each newsletter is succinct, personal, with a clear call to action leading to high number of click-throughs and more sales.

Email Newsletter Design - Read Refuse Resist, Notes From The Mind Of Joe Henley

The email newsletters that journalist/author/vocalist Joe Henley sends to his readers are not your usual (then again, nothing about Joe is usual). They're a gritty, honest, hilarious, and very personal glimpse into Joe’s life, which readers can’t wait to get in their InBoxes.

A long history of email marketing:

Back in 2001 when I was running a digital agency, Styrofirm, we saw a gap in the market and developed our own email subscriber marketing SaaS, called BornKicking. Similar in functionality to email newsletter services at the time, we went that extra step and assisted clients with the design and creation of their email newsletters.

These days I use MailChimp, Klaviyo, and CampaignMonitor, and offer both fully-managed marketing campaigns (from ideation, design and send-out of single promotional newsletters), as well as setting up fully-automated emails (to follow-up and re-engage your customers).