The Portfolio of Auckland-based Graphic Designer / Full-Stack Web Developer, Steve Leggat.

Auckland-based web and graphic designer with over 25 years industry experience.

Kia ora, I am the Founder of Magrette Timepieces. I don’t have enough good things to say about Steve Leggat. He has done my design work from the very start including branding, print and web. He understands my direction, communicates well and makes deadlines when needed. He doesn’t try and change my vision but does guide me back on track when needed. Like I said I don’t have enough good things to say about him.
Dion McAsey, Magrette Timepieces
After 10 years, 4 websites and countless creative projects Steve has cemented himself as my go to designer and the only person I trust to bring my brands to life. I love his work and so do my clients who get to enjoy firsthand his stunning, creative and engaging websites. Steve has played a huge role in the success of my brands and I look forward to many more projects together.
Joel Agostino, CampingTaiwan
I run a music label ElevenfiftySeven Records, and for the past 15 years Steve has been my go-to designer/web-guy, creating physical & digital album artwork, release schedule collateral, show posters, artist merchandise, website creation and pretty much anything I throw at him. Legend. Oh & he makes a good coffee.
Steve has been so great to deal with in the building of the new website. Great on comms, delivery, pricing and always goes the extra mile to achieve results. Highly recommended.
Andrew Spraggon (Sola Rosa)
[Steve] Leggat displays his prowess by creating user-friendly yet attractive and functional sites that serve their respective audiences well. Simplicity most commonly marks Leggat’s sites, and could be called his signature design feature. With an ultra-modern look and feel, he also exhibits a restraint that contrasts with his often bold use of colour. His design appears innately classical rather than trendy and faddish.
PCWorld Magazine - Hot Designer

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