Sola Rosa

To mark the release of his 7th studio album, Sola Rosa gets an absolute banger of a website.

Sola Rosa album Chasing The Sun gatefold on gold vinyl, with website

Mirroring the beautiful album artwork, the website features photos by Matthias Heiderich. Stark streetlights flicker and gently sway as the album reveals the glorious double gold vinyl. Utilizing minimal motion to elevate the experience. Visit the Sola Rosa website.

The musical force behind Sola Rosa is an old friend from high-school, Andrew Spraggon, a multi-instrumentalist who has been honing his talents for as long as I have known him. While I’m musically inept, I’m thrilled to be working with Andrew on his website, newsletters and social media.

Sola Rosa website features subtle animation

I had some great album artwork to run with, thanks to Jaime Robertson at IThink:Creative.