I grew up with a passion for vinyl records, and this sleeve design takes heavy inspiration from the classic punk albums that shaped me.

Bleeders Album Artwork on Turntable

Bleeders and I go way back, growing up in the Auckland hardcore-punk scene, so it was a no-brainer for me to put together their new album artwork. Brain-storming and brain-sucking (zombies provided by artist Deathless), and the whole package paying tribute to classic punk albums we grew up poring over.

As well as the album (originally on limited edition red vinyl, now also available in yellow), I also provided artwork for posters, t-shirts and social media assets.

Bleeders 12inch Vinyl Album Inner Sleeve Design

Lovingly scratched-up lettering adorns the cover and inner sleeve.

This album artwork is just one of the many great projects I’ve done for Bleeders’ label, ElevenfiftySeven Records.

Bleeders - NZ Hardcore Punk Band Tour Poster Designs