Magrette Timepieces

What makes this boutique watch brand tick? Let’s pop the back case off and have a look.

Screenshot of the bespoke Magrette Shopify website design and development

The Magrette online shop makes use of Shopify but is running on a custom built system that offers greater customisation and features.

My collaboration with Magrette goes way back to 2007 when Dion McAsey and I were directors in one of New Zealand’s earliest digital design agencies, Styrofirm.

Dion had the vision to create a distinctly New Zealand watch brand, and by incorporating his love of the ocean and outdoor pursuits saw that vision realised in Magrette Timepieces. Helping shape that journey, I have been and continue to be, responsible for Magrette’s design, print, marketing, and a fully tricked-out e-commerce website.

Magrette Waterman hand-engraved Māori Kaitiaki timepiece

Magrette is a New Zealand brand that proudly shows its Māori heritage.

Magrette Logo Design
Silver fern frond aka Koru - Photo by Sid Mosdell (sidm on Flickr)
I designed Magrette’s distinctive logo mark, inspired by the koru, the spiral shape of an unfurling silver fern frond which is used extensively in Māori art.
Creative email newsletter design showing excellent results

A solid email marketing strategy has been in place since day-one, and Magrette customers are kept informed of new products and promotions through these creative newsletter designs.

Magrette logo mark etched onto the timepiece crown
The Magrette Waterman timepiece sits next to custom UV-coated business cards
Dual Magrette Print Ads in Oracle Time magazine

I created these stunning ads which ran in the printed edition of Oracle Time magazine. Previous ads also appeared in Air New Zealand’s inflight magazine, Kia Ora.

Video teaser ads of the Taiaha and Taniwha timepieces were created for Facebook and Instagram.

The Magrette Logo is shown imprinted on the Product, the crown

The logo device in use, shown here imprinted into the timepiece ‘crown’.

Under the hood:

The Magrette website is running on a custom framework I began working on in 2017, and is now used on a number of Front&Back clients’ websites, including CampingTaiwan, Joe Henley as well as this website. The e-commerce side of the website uses Shopify, with product data being pulled in via the Shopify API.