Mighty Mighty - Hong Kong Craft Brew

Never one to turn down a project when there’s beer involved.

Mighty Mighty Bottle Packaging Design

Mighty Mighty’s Mango Milkshake IPA, brings all the boys to the yard. Possibly.

Coming straight out of Hong Kong is this boutique brew. I was fortunate to be given something of an open brief. Starting out with just the name, Mighty Mighty, I started developing ideas around ‘mighty monsters of the deep’ as well as the bad-arse female pirate from Hong Kong, Zheng Yi Sao. Oh my mind does a-wander.

The outcome; a very striking beer label and another happy client. 乾杯!

Mighty Mighty Logo Treatment

Mighty Mighty is enjoyed by Hong Kong’s gnarliest pirates, many-tentacled beasts, and mild quaffers like myself.