Choosing an experienced graphic designer is hard!


  • What are your primary services?
    I wear many hats. I am a graphic designer, creating logos and branding, illustrations, advertising and signage, packaging and print design. I am a full-stack web designer/developer, meaning I can plan and design a website and then code the frontend (user interface) and the backend (code and databases that make it all function). I design and manage email marketing campaigns for many of my clients. I have a pretty thorough knowledge of all things IT, from website and email hosting through to SEO and SEM, troubleshooting, security and web optimisation. Give me a shout.
  • How much does a website cost?
    That depends heavily on what you need it to do. A fully custom designed and built website with four or five pages might cost around NZ$6,000. There are lots of factors we can help you decide on. Does it need a Content Management System? Blog? Online Shopping System? Email Newsletters? Membership Database? It’s best to just fill out the Project Quote form and we can take it from there.
  • Do you offer website hosting?
    Front&Back's fully-managed website hosting platform is called FaB Hosting. Running on a high-spec VPS server based in California and utilising CDNs and advanced caching software to ensure your website is incredibly fast with minimal downtime. Included are free Daily, Weekly and Fortnightly backups of all your site files and databases, regular malware scans, and multiple firewall layers to block bad bots, hackers and DDoS attacks. I’ll handle everything, just flick me an email and I’ll create a package that’s customised for your website.
  • How can I speed up my website?
    Let me look at it. I can troubleshoot and optimise your site in a number of ways to stop your visitors from bouncing, and make Google rank your website higher. Currently supporting WordPress and other PHP-based websites. Get in touch!
  • What tech ‘stack’ are you using?
    I don’t get too caught up about the latest frameworks and stacks. I just use whatever technologies I think are best for the job. Most of the time that means a combination of LAMP and vanilla JS. Likewise I’ll use whatever Content Management System or Headless CMS suits your requirements.
  • Can you do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
    When I build websites I ensure each page has high quality page titles, meta data and alt-tags, and the site is fast and structured in a modern, search engine friendly way. In most instances that’s enough to get your website ranking highly in Google, but I also utilise professional SEO tools like Diib, Ahrefs, MOZ, and Semrush for thorough website auditing, advanced keyword and link building research to really give your website the edge over competitors.
  • Can you do my site with a Website Builder?
    I generally avoid creating websites using platforms like WIX, Squarespace, Webflow, Rocketspark, Weebly and page-builders like Elementor for WordPress. They have their place for small businesses wanting to build a simple web presence but they are a pain to customise and maintain.
  • Can I pay in instalments?
    Sure, I generally split larger projects into two payments; 60% deposit + 40% on completion. I am more than happy to consider payment plans that fit your business better.
  • I’m looking to become a webdesigner/coder, can I join the Front&Back team?
    Aww thanks, but Front&Back is just me, Steve Leggat, and I like it that way. It is unlikely I’ll have any intern or full-time positions available - ever. If you’re looking for creative/design jobs and freelance opportunities in New Zealand, I recommend the job boards on CreativeStore and Design Assembly. Best of luck!
  • I want to create a website but I’m out of ideas. Can you give me some starter ideas?
    I have a number of websites that I never finished, but still have lots of potential. Give me a shout if you’re interested in buying any of these domains: / / /

    I can also supply you with any plans, concepts, research and ideas I have for each, to get you started.

Hopefully that helped answer any questions you had. Now, drop me an email and let’s talk about your project.