A time tracker for the uncomplicated freelancer.

Time-tracking is a hugely important part of running my business — and perhaps your business too. Over the years I’ve tried out a large number of time trackers, native apps, browser-based apps, and even just pen and paper. None have cut the mustard, they were either too bloated, slow, buggy, or difficult to upgrade. Mostly they just didn’t work the way that I work.

So, I created TallyHo, with a ‘simple by design’ philosophy.

Screenshot of TallyHo timetracking and expense-logging saas for freelancers

TallyHo is lightweight, uses easily readable/modifiable/backup-able textfiles as its database, and simply runs in your browser.

So, is it any good?

I’ve been using TallyHo for almost four years, longer than I’ve stuck with any other time-tracking software or app, so that’s a good sign.

I am currently rewriting TallyHo from scratch in SvelteKit, using Supabase for the DB and authentication - stay tuned

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