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Loading Docs - WordPress Website redesign by Front&Back - New Zealand

The newly revamped Loading Docs WordPress platform showcases the power of a fresh theme and content overhaul, turning a hot mess into a sleek, modern user-friendly website.

We have been fortunate to work on Sola Rosa's WordPress websites for their last two albums, uniquely themed, and stylishly animated to match each album's vibe.

Key WordPress Services

  • Truly Stand Out with Custom WordPress Theme Design
  • New Build or Rebuild and Redesign
  • WordPress Hosting and Maintenance
  • Slow WordPress Audit and Optimisation
  • Level Up from Divi and Elementor
  • Custom WP Plugin Development
  • Third-Party System Integration into WordPress
  • WooCommerce and Shopify Integration
  • WordPress Backups and Restoration
  • Restore/Repair Your Hacked and Insecure WordPress Site
MacLymph Custom WordPress Web-design by New Zealand Team Front&Back

Feature-rich, the MacLymph WordPress website includes an informative blog, a WooCommerce-powered shop, a booking system, and extensive resources for individuals suffering from lymphoedema, lipoedema, and related conditions.

Is WordPress Still Recommended in 2024?

WordPress is still used extensively and is a great platform for the right content.

WordPress powers approximately 43.4% of all websites, around 474 million, and it holds a 62.7% market share among all CMS-based websites​​.

These days there are countless ways to build a website, with many platforms and frameworks competing to be the next big thing in web tech. As much as possible, we keep up-to-date with these newer technologies and use them when we feel the outcome will be enhanced, but we realise not every website requires the very latest tech. With its huge userbase, WordPress remains a great platform, capable of meeting diverse needs effectively.

Why We Still Love WordPress

WordPress is incredibly flexible, offering numerous benefits for small to medium-sized business owners. We love it because we can quickly and affordably create landing pages, integrate blogs, and connect with email newsletter platforms, CRMs, and shopping carts. Its ease of use, scalability, and virtually limitless expandability make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to grow their online presence.

We can make WordPress do almost anything we need it to!

Should I Use WordPress For My Website?

As with any project Front&Back builds, we consider all factors to determine which web platform or technologies are the right fit for your project.

Getting the most out of WordPress while keeping it secure and optimised is a unique skill. Luckily, at Front&Back, we love taking on these challenges to produce modern, fresh and functional sites.

Let Front&Back sort out your website.