• How much does a website cost?
    That depends heavily on what you need it to do. A website with just a few pages and basic functionality might cost around NZ$2000, but beyond that things get more complicated to estimate. It’s best to just fill out the Project Quote form and we can take it from there.
  • Do you offer website and email hosting?
    Yes I provide hosting for many of my clients! My server is based in California. I utilise CDNs and other services to ensure your website is fast and has very little downtime. I’ll handle everything, just flick me an email.
  • What tech ‘stack’ are you using?
    I don’t get too caught up about the latest frameworks and stacks. Much of the time they are just fads. I just use whatever technologies I think are best for the job. Most of the time that means a combination of LAMP and vanilla JS.
  • Do you do SEO?
    I build websites that are optimised and rank highly in Search Engines. I make sure each page has high quality titles, meta data and alt-tags and the site is fast and structured in a modern, search engine friendly way. I generally don’t write your website copy, but I can certainly guide whoever is.
  • Can I pay in instalments?
    Sure, I generally split larger projects into two payments; 60% deposit + 40% on completion. I am more than happy to consider payment plans that fit your business better.
  • I want to create a website but I’m out of ideas. Can you give me some starter ideas?
    I have a number of websites that I never finished, but I still have lots of potential. Give me a shout if you’re interested in buying any of these domains: / / /

    I can also supply you with all the documentation, research and ideas of each.